Best Die Cutting Machines for Creating Complex Designs
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Best Die Cutting Machines for Creating Complex Designs

Aug 06, 2023

Oh! The allure of die cutting and embossing machines! Versatile and precise, these machines cut intricate designs with ease. Some cutters work with digital files and can precisely cut, and/or emboss your designs within vellum, paper, vinyl, fabric, foils, and more. Galleries rely on these cutters for exhibition wall text created from self-adhesive vinyl. Crafters can load some machines with metal dies and embossing folders. Printmakers have discovered that hand-crank machines work well as small printing presses, applying even pressure to linoleum and woodblocks to create intimate relief prints. The art-making possibilities are endless!

Cricut is a versatile machine, perfect for artists experimenting with die cutting digital designs. The Explore Air 2 works effortlessly to cut a wide variety of materials, including thin vellums, vinyls, papers, iron-on vinyl, and thick fabric. Swap out the blade for a fine-point pen for precise drawings. Use Cricut’s free Design Space software to create your digital art as an SVG file; connect your computer wirelessly via Bluetooth. Included in this bundle is a tool kit, vinyl in assorted colors, and a digital guide. Images and text are created with ultrafine precision quickly, for stunning results.

The Cameo 4’s double carriages sets it apart, allowing for two different tools to work simultaneously. For example, it can draw and cut at the same time. Silhouette’s blades precisely cut materials with different densities and thicknesses Specialty blades, the rotary blade, and the kraft blade are designed to cut unusual materials and sold separately. Its pens feature draws precision lines, ideal for illustrations and stickers. Cut large scale art, designs, and exhibition wall text from rolls of paper or vinyl, using its built-in roll feeder. Silhouette offers its own intuitive software. Use Illustrator? Silhouette offers a plug-in compatible with its machines.

On the search for the perfect cutter to tote around? This small-but-mighty Gemini Go applies high pressure, cutting elaborate designs from cardstock, vinyl, foils, fabrics, and more. Embossing is a breeze. Its three-inch-by-six-inch platform cuts and embosses small designs, perfect for students experimenting. The Gemini Go is compatible with most embossing folders and metal dies. Compact and portable, it easily moves from studio to home and takes up minimal storage space. Included: two cutting plates, one metal cutting plate, one magnetic shim, one plastic shim, rubber embossing mat, and power cable.

Are you a printmaker looking for an excellent crank die cutter that also functions as a small press? Sizzux is for you. It works with most dies and embossing folders, and with a variety of materials. Pressure is applied via a roller and crank, and this machine works great for printing small relief prints. Its platform is six inches wide and great for creating small works or for shapes for collage. Included are one extended platform, one pair of standard cutting pads, a set of dies, one embossing folder, and cardstock.

The ScanNCut 2 machine is the perfect machine for those who love to draw using pen on paper. No computer is required! The machine scans your art at high-resolution 300 dpi, offering a variety of editing options via its built-in touch screen. You may import your own digital SVG (scalable vector graphic) files or choose from the built-in library of 251designs. This workhorse precisely cuts a variety of materials, including paper up to one millimeter thick and fibers up to 1.5 millimeters thick.