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Crystal Brocious, Wittmann USA

Aug 26, 2023

As the marketing communications manager for Wittmann USA, Crystal Brocious handles the development and supervision of all marketing and communications strategies for the machinery maker. This includes coordinating trade shows; developing design projects such as mailers and email marketing; creating the company's advertising and liaising with media to implement advertising programs; and working with public relations partners to gain exposure.

Austria-based Wittmann Group has a large marketing department in Europe, but Brocious is the only person in her department in Torrington, Conn., so she wears many hats: "The conference/event coordinator, the content creator, at times you may even be the company's interior designer, apparel store, the list can go on. I think this is one of the fun parts of my position though. You are always doing something different and learning new things."

She earned a bachelor's degree in marketing from Southern Connecticut State University.

"Wittmann USA was my first job in the plastics industry, which I started almost 10 years ago. Wow, time goes by fast! I learned about the position through a family friend and figured I would go for it," said Brocious, whose husband, Jeremy, also works at Wittmann as a controls engineering manager. "The staff seemed all so friendly, and it really opened my eyes to how much plastic we all use in our everyday life."

She added: "Coming to Wittmann USA with absolutely no plastics experience, and then working for a company that sells all equipment in an injection molding work cell including machines, robots and auxiliary equipment, there has been a lot to learn. Through asking many questions and continuing to work with all divisions of the Wittmann USA team, I slowly learned and continue to learn the industry as well as our wide range of products."

Through her life experiences so far, she has learned "that when you step outside of your comfort zone or 'personal mold,' you may say, you step into personal growth."

"I entered into a new position with the company, in a male-dominant industry, with no plastics knowledge, and I have met so many great people, learned so many amazing things and continue to grow," she said. "It's a challenging job and requires out-of-the-box thinking on a regular basis. I've learned to enjoy the challenges, and it has been and continues to be rewarding for me."

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