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Daco Solutions launches semi

Jun 30, 2023

The new Daco DF250SRD is a compact modular semi-rotary die-cutter that allows finishing labels from smaller digital presses, adding an inkjet system to print and finish in one pass, or manufacturing plain labels for desktop digital printers. The DF250 is capable of running in semi-rotary mode up to 65m/min (213ft/min) or in full rotary mode at 175m/min (574ft/minute). The machine will be exhibited with the new Daco DBS-ES easy set back scoring system for edge trim removal.

The Daco PLD rotary die-cutter with a semi-automatic turret rewinder is said to offer all the benefits of turret rewinding but with rapid make-ready times. This allows shorter runs to be produced quickly and efficiently.

The PLD is a rotary die-cutter with a semi-automatic turret rewinder for small roll production. The semi-automatic turret is only stopped for a few seconds while the turret indexes. New cores are applied to the rewind shaft while the machine is in production; the turret automatically cuts the web and applies the web to the new cores. The machine has job storage to allow quick and easy repeatable set-ups.

The PLD range is available in 250mm (10in), 350mm (13.75in) and 430mm (17in) web widths and utilizes air shafts from 0.75in to 3in (19-76mm)

The Daco DP350 inkjet label press, in conjunction with Inkjet Solutions, consists of an I-Jet600 Label CMYK color unit incorporating Kyocera printheads and a GEW UV dryer.

The DP350 in its basic form has 700mm (30in) unwind and rewind with the option to add in-line slitting, die-cutting options (full and semi-rotary), Meech web cleaning and Vetaphone corona treatment.

The machine running will be CMYK with semi-rotary die-cutting

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