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Professional Zinc Die

Jul 17, 2023

Established in 1978, Tair Wang Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a renowned zinc die-casting manufacturer with ISO 9001 quality certifications. The company specializes in producing auto parts for American classic cars, Volkswagen classic cars, BMW classic cars, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, and trucks. Over the years, Tair Wang has expanded its presence in overseas markets and earned numerous accolades for its excellent product quality.

In response to the diverse demands of OEM/ODM operations, General Manager Lawrence Lee highlights Tair Wang's significant investments in automation equipment. Taking a proactive approach, the company is poised to introduce digitization technologies and enhance manufacturing visualization, aiming to establish an automated factory.

Additionally, Tair Wang is dedicated to improving its workforce's capabilities and technological resources to achieve a more versatile production line, enabling a broader range of services. In recent years, the company has also established a CNC machining department, catering to precision-based processing orders and addressing diverse customer requirements. Currently, the company has further expanded its business scope to include construction hardware and agricultural machinery, aiming to attract new clients in these sectors and generate fresh impetus for its operations.

Dedicated to upholding the values of "Integrity,” “Responsibility,” “Cooperation,” and “Respect," Tair Wang aims to cultivate client trust and professional services and comprehensively offer clients suitable solutions. Also, to fulfill more procurement demands from buyers, Tair Wang expanded production capabilities and networking suppliers in plastic injection parts and stamping parts and encouraged cooperation between different suppliers to offer comprehensive total solution services for their clients in advance.

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