Full Automatic Printing Slotting Machine with Inline Carton Folder Gluer
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Full Automatic Printing Slotting Machine with Inline Carton Folder Gluer

Full Automatic Printing Slotting Machine with Inline Carton Folder Gluer

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Basic Info.
Size: 950*2400, 1270*2400, .... Corrugated Paperboard Printing
Transport Package Steel Frame or Wooden Pallet
Specification CE, ISO9001
Origin China
HS Code 844319800
Production Capacity 10units/Month
Product Description
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Full Automatic Printing Slotting Machine with Inline Carton Folder Gluer

MJKM IV High Speed Full Automatic Printing Slotting (with Die-cutting) Machine with Inline Carton Folder Gluer

Full Automatic Printing Slotting Machine with Inline Carton Folder Gluer

MJKM IV Machine Performance
Dual system control: The touch screen or electric control;
Menu change management, frequent used menu quick change, easy handling;
German servo motor transmission and its control system, vacuum suction wheel type front edge feeder system of simple operation and high precision (the error from the servo system can be ignoreed);
Forme plate cleaning memory: The forme plate position can be memorized and unnecessary to re-trial printing in case the machine stops for forme cleaning.
Automatic gap adjustment: All the gaps are adjusted with CNC or electrical means;
Ceramic anilox roller with the quick dismantling system is adopted;
Dryers are installed between every printing unit to facilitate the quick ink dry during the fast machine running;
The ink cleaning system is mounted to save ink/water and quick anilox rollers cleaning;
The slotter knife screw mandrel's movement uses spiral gear transmission system to move the knife featuring safety and reliability, nice outer-looking, and the accuracy can be still remained for long time operation;
The original straight rails from South Korean are used for the movement of slotting knife guide board featuring accurate positioning and reliable movement;
The die cutting rubber roller is equipped with the auto recovery system
Main transmission gear moves precisely, for the sake of the part is made of quality steel alloy and teeth precisely milled to render them stable performance.
The key free connecting ring features in high precise transmission and accurate printing and registering.
The bearings are purchased from THK ,NSK,NTN Japan and other well known makers in China.
The major electric control components are purchased from Schneide France, Omron Japan and well known makers in Shanghai Renmin China.
Each machine unit engagement and disengagement and pneumatic lock are done automatically in turns; The alarm sounds when units are shifting to secure the operators safety; units brake automatically to secure the printing at original position;
Emergency stop protection: The emergency switch is installed nearby for more protection. Units brake automatically to secure the printing at original position;
The splashing lubrication enables oil stored in every gear oil tank and circulated with oil pump to facilitate constant splashing oiling.
l Ink shortage alarm: the alarm system emits sound alarm when the ink is less than the set value;
Technological Parameters:

Paper Feeding Unit
No.ItemFunction Configuration And Technical Data
1System controlThe advanced PLC, touch screen control technology with the advantages of easy, stable and reliable quick menu change; the indications to show the production setup and running speed; the memory of original forme plate cleaning, skip cardboard feed and menu storage.
2Roller type front edge feeder 1. Paper feed type: overall vacuum suction, German servo motor drive and front edge paper feeder; the sheet-in roller surface engaged with polyurethane wear resistant material of easy changeability.
Other features of front edge paper feeder:
1) Precise paper feed to convey the thin paperboard (mechanical error ± 0.15mm) easily;
2) Mechanic vibration eliminated generally; various mechanic vibrations caused by the cam drive are eliminated due to the servo motor drive so as to minimize the paperboard feed error caused by the gaps during paper-feed wheel working;
Simple structure without any easily worn-out parts except the paper-feed wheel.


1. Double paperboard feed rollers system to let paper feed even smooth.
2. The paper feed rollers are designed especially into quick changeable unit; the upper paperboard feed roller is of steel core and outer part wrapped with wear-resistance rubber of fine buffering; the elastic positioning unit secures paper feed stable and accurate to optimize the registering accuracy. The lower paper feed roller is made of steel core wrapped with elastic rubber without damaging the corrugated shape and securing paper feed and register accuracies. The self locker of gap quick hand micro regulation is engaged with scale to show the regulating direction and amount.
3. Feeder roller gap is controlled by CNC or by digitally.
4. The first course paper feed rubber roller is designed especially into quick set unit.
3) 5. Rear stop plate is driven electrically.
4 Automatic


1. In the paperboard feeding part, printing part, slotting part and die-cutting part there are equipped with CNC or the electrically-driven automatic return-to-zero facility.
2. The auto zeroing device is used to secure that the machine has the uniform set reference to set the accurate position automatically and reduce paperboard consumption.
5Machine units engagement or disengagement1. Machine units' engagement or disengagement is done electrically and automatically with additional alarm to secure operators safety.
2. Press the unit shift-out pressbutton, every unit is moving out and subsequently the other machine unit will be released in turns when it reaches a certain distance.
3. After the unit disengagement, every unit brake system actuates automatically to make the units engaged gears position precisely so as to fix printing phase and secure units gear meshed correctly when the units locked.
4. Press down the general shift-in pressbutton, the machine units close in turns, the lock cylinder actuates automatically to engage the units finally.
5. The main motor is fixed with start protection device, i.e. in case the units are not locked, the main motor can not start; the shifting button press is not effective when the main machine is under running status.
6. The drive shaft is equipped with overload protection device.
6Chips removal unit
1) The cleaning brush clears up the wastepaper chips and foreign particles on the cardboard;
2) The enforced suction fan is installed to improve the printing quality.
7Baffle moving Lateral baffle mobile use of electric adjustment front, side baffle digital adjustment and front moving installed automatically, manually convert function, regulating flexible and reliable.

Printing Unit
THIS IS MJKM IV'S PRINTING UNIT'S vacuum suction unit
No.ItemFunction Configuration And Technical Data


1. It is specially made of high quality steel material. After the annealing treatment, it is through rough processing and dynamic balance test, finally through fine lathed and grinded to shape. On the surface of the anilox roller, the transmit lines are carved to stick rapidly the forme.
2. The surface of the roller is passed through hard chromium treatment so that is durable and sturdy.
3. Forme plate attaching slot: A 10mm forme attaching strip matched with the ratchet fixes the forme winding-up shaft to simplify forme attachment.
4. Fitting with the pedal-style reverse and positive switch for controlling the positive or reverse rotation of the roller so that it is easy in forme hanging and unloading.
5. The printing roller is adjusted positively and conversely at 360 degree with separate CNC or motorized way.
6. The printing roller axial set is made by separate CNC or motorized method,max movement: ±10mm;±10mm.

1 It is elaborated with top quality seamless steel tube with the surface ground and chromeplated.
2. Through the dynamic balance test, it is smooth in run.
3. The regulating figures of the gap between press roller and forme roller control by CNC or are shown on electric digital indicator. mini movement: 0.04mm.

1) The ceramic anilox roller is adopted to secure the perfect printing;
2) The gap between aniloxes is regulated electrically and the touch screen indicates the regulating value;
3) The confined doctor blade system can be optioned.


1. Phase is set differentially with planetary gearing.
2. CNC and electrical controls of printing phase at 360 degree can be fulfilled, even at machine stop or running status.
3. Forme plate roller axial shift is controlled by CNC or electric means separately and 10mm regulating range is available to facilitate the forme alignment to a great extent.
4.Forme plate roller phase adjustment embraces frequency conversional dual speed regulation; the forme plate mounting and alignment is done quickly; the converter is imported from LG Korea;
5Ink CirculationInk is supplied pneumatically and ink shortage alarm system is installed.
6Cool and Drying Along the overall vacuum suction, every unit is installed with cool air dying system to accelerate the drying in the process of printing.
7Printing vacuum suction conveyance
1) Overall vacuum suction is employed in all the printing process to eliminate the cardboard deformed due to the undesired press during cardboard conveyance to guarantee the corrugated cardboard strength;
2) The automatic pneumatic regulation function over air chamber of every section is employed to simplify the printing on various cardboard specifications;
3) The converter of vacuum suction fan controls the flowing and pressure of fan with the features of stable motor startup and self regulation of air pressure and flow rate;
4) The conveying wheel is processed with straight knurled line to assist the precise conveying of diversified cardboards;
5) Lubricating system is installed in every wheel bearing to guarantee the precision and service life in the process of machine running.
8Ink shortage alarmThe alarm system emits sound alarm when the ink is short

Slotting Unit
This is MJKM IV 's Slotting unit
This is MJKM IV 's Slotting unit
No.ItemFunction Configuration And Technical Data
1.Slotting control panel1. The slotting phase, carton height and each knife seat shaft axial movements are all controlled by the independent CNC or electrical digital method.
2. Every knife disc is mounted with positive and converse shifting control pressbutton.
3. All the gap settings are controlled with CNC or electrical method.
2Slotting Phase And Carton Height Setting1.360 degree phase positive or converse slotting phase adjustment is done with dependent CNC or electrical digital entry controls
2. The slotting phase and carton height are set with planetary gearing differential control. .



of Slotting

Cutter Seat
1. The upper and lower slotting cutter axles are made of thick wall steel pipe and the surface is grinded and hard chromium plated. The cutter disc can be kept smooth movement on the axle.
2. The knives are made of steel alloy; 7mm slotting knife width and saw shape knife blades are under thermal treatment and milling with the excellent hardness and flexibility and super sharpness and precision.
3. The synchronous axial slotting knife disc and creasing wheel movements are set with CNC or electrically to secure the identity of slotting and creasing.
4. The upper and lower knives gaps are controlled by CNC or means of digital entry electrically.
4Carton hand hole puncher
Optional, cost will be charged additionally and the punchers's and die cutter sizes, decided by customers.

Die-cutting Unit
This is MJKM IV 's Die cutting unit
No.ItemFunction Configuration And Technical Data
1Die cutting control panel1. Die cutting roller phase and axial movement are controlled with CNC or electric digital entry control.
2. Auto elevation of die cutting rollers
3. All the gap settings are controlled with CNC or electrical method.
2Cutter Die Roller
(lower roller)
1. It is preciously made of high quality steel material and its surface is hard chromium plated.
2. It is through the dynamic balance test to improve run stability.
3 The right and lift transverse movement can be adjusted ±10mm with CNC or electrically.
4. The circumferential adjustment of the cutter die roller can be carried out by the planetary gear design in randomly 360 degree.
Rubber Pad


(Upper Roller)
1. It is preciously made of high quality steel material and the surface is hard chromium plated.
2. It is through the dynamic balance calibration to improve run stability.
3. The clearance between the cutter die roller and rubber pad roller can be adjusted with CNC or electrically.
4. It is stretched mechanically with ±35mm cross movement range.
5. With the imported clip-on high quality rubber pad, it is easy in replace and low in cost.
6. Fitted with the rubber repair system, the pad can be repaired for 2 times, 1.5mm for each time to prolong service life and lower the productive cost.
4Phase Adjustment Unit1. Phase is set differentially with planetary gearing.
2. The die-cutting phase can be adjusted by CNC or electrical motor with digital 360 degree adjustment (Either in running or in stopping).
3. The cross shifting device set by CNC or electric digital control with ±10mm setting range.
4.The die cutter roller phase regulation adopts dual speed regulation of converter to facilitate forme plate alignment; the LG converter is used.
The speed differential compensation system adopts super clutch structure to make the two rollers maintain the same linear speed after the die cutter cushion trimming.

Auto stacking unit
NO.ITEMFunctional Configuration and Technical Parameters
1Board Catching Arm1). Having two control modes: manual, automatic
2). The driving belt of the board catching arm: its tension can be adjusted independently without any inhibition of belt length. It is easy, flexible and rapid in adjustment.
2Lifting and falling of the machine's working table1). Driven by the strong chain with smooth lifting and falling.
2). Auto stacking up to 1600mm
3). The lifting driving motor of the working table is equipped with the braking facility to keep the stationary position without any sliding.
3Board Catching Guard Plate1). The board catching holder plate is driven pneumatically and the stacking height of the board is controlled by photoelectrical sensor.
2). The rear guard plate's position can be adjusted manually depending on the board length.
3). The plain grainy belt has good friction coefficient to avoid the board sliding down

NO.ITEMFunctional Configuration and Technical Parameters
1Top Gluing Unit1).The top gluer position can be adjusted electrically and controlled by means of man/machine interface input;
2).The gluing wheel rotates with the main motor synchronously;
3).The gluing wheel rotates separately when machine stops so as to avoid gluing wheel dry;
4).The auto glue sprayer can be selected as an option.
2Folder1).The folder beam moves electrically and controlled by means of man/machine interface input;
2).The adjustable folding bar to be able to fit the cardboards of different sizes;
3).The elastic press wheel on the upper conveyer belt functions in securing the carton made strong enough;
4).The adjustable lower conveying belt guarantees the even smooth of the cardboard feeding-in;
5).The carton side guide rollers are equipped.
3Stacker1).The air-blow presses the cardboard downwards and the front cardboard patting unit is able to make the collected cartons neat both in front and rear;
2).The stack's right and left sides can be set electrically so as to let the cartons stacked just in the middle;
3).The front and rear stop positions can be shifted with motor.
4Counter and Ejector1).A certain number of cartons (10~40 cartons) can be set and ejected when the number is reached;
2).The cardboard pressing-frame up/down moment can be regulated electrically;
3).The stacked cardboard inserted from bottom features accurate counting.
Max speed: 250/min (up to the quality of the cardboard);
Max carton size: 630 x 630
Min carton size: 220 x 220

No.ItemFunction Configuration And Technical Data
1 Main MotorMain Motor is of the variable frequency motor.
2BearingsThey are purchased from THK, NSK, NTN Japan and the famous brands made in China.
3Electrical Components1. Every unit also employs independant control system with prominent reliability.
2.Schneide products: indicating lamps, press buttons, contactors and air switches;
3. Converter is made by Omron Japan.
4. PCL is made by Omron Japan., Touch screen's is from Omron Japan.
5 The rotary encoder is that from Koyo Electronics Japan.
4Main Drive Gear1.High precise drive gear of top quality steel alloy, processed with carbon diffusion hardening and milling to make the drive gears high intensity, fine wearing- resistance and stable performance.
2.It employs the enclosed splashing oiling system to secure the precise drive and prolong the service life.
5Key free connecting ringThe connection between shaft and gear adopts the key-free connecting ring, which has no gap when a large torque is exerted, additionally with the features of easy installation and service, long and precise transmission and accurate registering.

Other pieces of outsourcing
NO.TitlesPlace of production
1The front edge paper feed of roller typeThe feeder is of the world advanced tri-shift servo control feeding, which are both made by Germany.
2Overall machine control systemPLC , Touch screen's control system
3Servo motorGermany
4Frequency converter LG Korea
5Rotaling bearingsThey are purchased from THK, NSK, NTN Japan and the famous brands made in China.
6ComputerSchneide France , Omron Japan
7Key free connecting ringShanghai
8Anilox roller Guangdong
9Rubber roller Jizhou

Max.machine speed(Roller type lead edge feeder) (Pcs/min)200
Max. paper feeding size (mm)1200x2400
Min. paper feeding size (mm)320x650
Skip feeding (mm)1400x2400
Max. printing area (mm)1200x2300
Printing plate thickness (mm)7.2
Min. slotting
Normal knife160×160×160×160
Reverse knife250×60×250×60
Max. slotting depth(mm)400
Printing accuracy (mm)± 0.3
Slotting(Die cutting) accuracy (mm)± 1

Full Automatic Printing Slotting Machine with Inline Carton Folder Gluer

Full Automatic Printing Slotting Machine with Inline Carton Folder Gluer